Monday, 31 January 2011

Ghost Stories & The Importance of Being Ernest

Andy Nyman (Severance and more) is appearing in Ghost Stories in Londons West End and I needed him to sign my "Severance" cast photo already signed by Claudie Blakely, Toby Stephens and Danny Dyer. So I braved the January cold again and was successful in meeting him. He was a really nice guy who didn't mind signing 4 items for me. Wouldn't ask for 4 but as there were only 2 of us wanting him I didn't feel bad. He signed my cast photo, a friends cast photo, her "Severance" dvd cover and a photo for my New York friend.
Then we headed over to the Vaudeville Theatre for the cast of The Importance. They cast includes Rachel Stirling (Diana Riggs daughter), Samantha Bond (James Bond), Fiona Button (Lip Service) and Elliott Cowan (Lost In Austen). The cast were friendly and again there were only 2 of us there. I needed Rachel in my theatre book, Elliott on my "Lost In Austen" dvd cover already signed by Gemma Arterton and Jemima Rooper and on the cast photo from that already signed by Jemima. Had 4 things for myself and 2 others for Fiona. All happily signed and I finally got Elliott after a previous failed attempt at the Donmar.

The Childrens Hour

I spent a very cold 3 hours waiting to meet the great cast of the Childrens Hour play in the West End 2 weeks ago and am a glutton for punishment as I am going to try again tonight for them after a very unsuccessful night last time.
The cast consists of:- Keira Knightley, Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men), the Academy Award winner Ellen Burstyn, Carol Kane, Tobias Menzies and Lisa Blackwell ( Skins S4).
We arrived at the small barrier at 9pm, show ends 10pm. If you don't get on the front row you will not get Keira. She has this habit of signing, if you can call it signing and call a tick a signature. Then signs for 6 people on the front row and says have I got everyone before papping it up and forgetting the 50 people behind the front row who also want her tick!
10pm arrives and all the theatre goers join the collectors/dealers. 10.20pm and no sign of anyone. Security tells us that they will be 45 mins - 1 hour more before they come out. 11.40 pm and we are still waiting for the main cast. Security comes to us and says they are sorry to inform us but the cast have left by another exit.  Needless to say the paps were furious and the rest of us very cold and miserable.
So let's hope I have more success tonight.